The Coven of Deviltica

Libido Voluptatis, lust for pleasure

Allow us to welcome you to the Coven of Deviltica, a sect of Theistic Satanism. The Coven of Deviltica focuses on developing enlightenment, strength, and well-being through the pursuit of pleasure and the exploration of sexual energies.

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Between now and the end of 2021 we will be working to fix bugs, get into a regular posting cycle. So take a look around and check back often, in the mean time feel free to explore as we share the best erotica, sexual health, and erotic spiritual enlightenment.

If you like what you read and what you see and wish to explore further be sure to Register your Interest in becoming a member, as we will be looking for new members very soon.

Libido Voluptatis, lust for passion.

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