sexual energy is a powerful force that, when used consciously, can be a great catalyst for spiritual growth and healing on many levels.

Welcome to our Coven

About Deviltica

Founded on the 30th of January 2009, The Coven of Deviltica is a community dedicated to teaching enlightenment through the exploration. We welcome you.

What is true sexual energy? Deviltica defines it as proudly claiming your erotic self and mindfully channelling yourself through pleasure. We believe to manifest your full sexual energy you fist have to surrender to it. From surrender begins the journe.

Too many of us in this heady, frantic world lack the rich experience of having a primal connection with someone. Deviltica offer us this, a satisfaction that as you open to both sex and experiences, whether you’re single or part of a couple, you’ll be a vessel for erotic flow, enjoying pleasure without insecurities or inhibitions.

Join our growing community and learn to channel and improve your sexual energy and experience unforgettable opportunities practice them with in a save space.

~ Coven of Deviltica
Libido Voluptatis, lust for passion