Drake Rogers, Edji Da Silva, Ian Greene: A Cuckold’s Submission.

JJ Knight treats his young boyfriend, Braxton Boyd, like a prince. He takes him on lavish vacations, buys him whatever he wants, and showers him with attention and admiration. But behind closed doors, JJ and Braxton share a gay cuckold fetish. Braxton wishes to have sex withheld from him sometimes

James Castle is hungry for some Latin meat in this bareback pool party.

The Lucas Men know how to have fun, and right now it’s all about the “Bareback Pool Party” they had during this past production in Spain. But no one ever assumed this would just be hanging out by the water and soaking up the sun — the Lucas Men are all naked, and

Apolo Fire gives Randy Junior an ass thrashing he won’t soon forget.

Apolo Fire has jacked up A LOT since the last time he’s sucked and fucked for Lucas Entertainment. With all of the extra beefy muscle on his body, Apolo has a hankering to fuck some tight ass. The little and adorable Randy Junior is not shy about pouncing on a rock-hard cock for a guy

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