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Paris Judicial Tribunal Delays Decision on Blocking Adult Tube Sites

PARIS — The Paris Judicial Tribunal has postponed its decision regarding the potential blocking of five popular adult tube sites in France by internet service providers. The tribunal recently conducted a hearing in which representatives from Pornhub, Tukif, xHamster, XVideos, and Xnxx were present. The court had set a deadline of July 7 to reach a conclusion.

However, the decision has been deferred as the Council of State is currently examining appeals against the implementing decree that outlines the actions ARCOM can take to penalize sites that do not prevent minors from accessing pornographic content. The tribunal criticized the government for not clearly defining the technical measures to verify the age of internet users, instead leaving this responsibility to ARCOM.

Kami Haeri, the attorney representing Xvideos and Xnxx, described the postponement as a victory for the law. Haeri argued that the government and ARCOM have failed in fulfilling their legal obligations, claiming that the existing law is poorly crafted, vague, and incomplete.

MindGeek, in a statement, emphasized its support for mandatory age verification but stressed the need for a comprehensive solution to ensure effective implementation and safeguard the protection of children.

Legal experts have suggested that the tribunal judges might be hesitant to issue their opinion amidst the ongoing controversy surrounding the Macron government’s proposed bill to “secure and regulate the digital space.” This bill includes anti-porn provisions that originated from a Senate committee report titled “Porno, l’Enfer du Decor,” which metaphorically compares the entire adult industry to the Christian concept of hell.

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