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Sore Bottom Blues

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Georgia Jones undresses in a private massage room, although she moves carefully because of her aching butt. When her masseuse, Kristen Scott, enters the room, she tries to play it cool, although Kristen immediately sees that something is bothering her client.

However, Georgia isn’t ready to give up her secret so soon. Kristen slathers oil onto her hands and begins massaging Georgia’s back. As she works out the tension, Georgia becomes more shy about her butt is sore. She soon admits that she likes being spanked and that her girlfriend MIGHT’VE gotten a bit wild the night before… Kristen is not fazed by this admission and instead offers to use a bolster to give Georgia’s butt the loving attention it deserves.

Once Georgia’s butt is raised, the message becomes even more thorough. Although she tries to behave, Georgia can’t help but become aroused. When Kristen’s hand accidentally grazes over her pussy, Georgia’s electrified. It isn’t long before she’s cheekily asking for the massage to become even more intimate and they eagerly plunge their fingers and tongues into each other’s pussies. Georgia’s got a case of the sore bottom blues, and Kristen has the perfect cure!

A story inspired by an original submission by Fantasy Massage member, Neptune!

Explore more from Girlways

Explore more from Girlways

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